Anna Farrington, Principal
WBE Certified, SEGD & AIGA Affiliated

I am a designer with more than 25 years experience in architectural signage, wayfinding, environmental, and experiential graphics.

My primary goal as a designer has been to enhance the user's experience through the seamless integration of graphics and wayfinding into the built environment. Understanding the psychology of the user group; be it student, visitor, or benefactor, allows me to provide the appropriate information or environmental queues at the correct moment in their experience. This approach makes every graphics program or sign system stronger and more successful. 

With experience working on a broad range of project types, I enjoy the challenges unique to each task. I am an organized and efficient project manager. I communicate effectively with a broad range of clients, design professionals, vendors, and manufacturers, ensuring that the intent of every design is met.


From October 1999 to May 2014, I was an Associate at Roll Barresi & Associates in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. 

RB&A is a graphics studio that designs architectural signage and wayfinding systems, interpretive displays, identity graphics, and marketing communications. While at RB&A, I developed graphics programs for a wide variety of clientele. Work there included projects with Boston University, Mount Auburn Hospital, Duke University, the Boston MBTA, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and my alma mater, Smith College. 

From 1994 to 1999, I was the graphics department manager and lead silkscreen printer at Design Communications, Ltd., in Boston, MA. Working at DCL gave me a unique appreciation for the logistical requirements needed to fabricate and implement successful environmental graphics programs.

I recently opened the INSTALLATION SPACE in North Adams, MA.


135 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02140